Pest-Off! Outdoor Spray


    • Mosquitoes hate it

    • DEET-Free

    • Safe & healthy

    • Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Purified Water, Vodka (to mix oil and water).

We are outside most of the day and most of the year and flying, buzzing insects around our heads are part of our daily lives. So, in the spirit of no-chemicals we looked for the best, natural way to help us with these pests. We found it in this particular essential oil blend of seasonally different oils including lemongrass, lavender, basil, catnip oil, citronella and eucalyptus. It is Deet Free, mosquitoes and gnats seem to hate it. It is gentle on your skin, not sticky, and it doesn't ruin your clothing. Here at Serenity Acres Farm we use it on us, the goats, horses, dogs and free roaming children. And it doesn't smell half-bad either.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to exposed skin. When applying to face or children, spray into hands first & then rub gently on face or skin. For external use only. Rinse sprayer occasionally with warm water.

Mildly sweet and spicy scent with herbal notes of grass & cucumber.

    • Proprietary Essential Oil Blend

    • Purified Water

    • EOSolve 12 (Surfactant to mix oil and water).

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