Nekkid Goat's Milk Soap


Do you love our soap and adore our packaging but don't want to throw out the beautiful boxes and you are buying the soaps for yourself and not as a gift? Well, we have the solution for you: now we offer "nekkid soaps", just the soaps, regular and beautiful, only without the packaging, and you can even pick the scents. Another great part of this new offer: for a limited time you also save almost 20% over the packaged soaps. What are you waiting for?

Grade A Olive Oil for luscious skin, Coconut Oil for extra cleansing, AWA Fresh & Pure Goat’s Milk* for super healthy skin, Rainforest Certified Sustainable Palm Oil for soft bubbles, Sodium Hydroxide (without which soap can't be made), Purified Water; and Essential Oils for fabulous scents.

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