Luscious Lip Balm - Vanilla


This is hands down the best cocoa butter of all times. It is pure, food grade, prime pressed, and golden and since it' not deodorized, it has the wonderful aroma of actual cocoa which contributes to the fabulous and mouthwatering scent of chocolate without all the fat :). The Mango Butter is extracted from the fruit kernels of the Mango tree (Mangifera indica). Mango Butter contains a high content of C18:0 and C18:1 fatty acids. It is soft solid at room temperatures, but melts on contact at skin temperatures and disperses evenly and that's why Mango Butter relieves dryness and helps moisturize after exposure to sun and other harsh elements, so here you go: LIP BALMS ARE NOT JUST FOR WINTER.

This lip balm tastes so good and is even better for your lips since beeswax, prime cocoa butter, mango butter and almond oil are the only ingredients and all of them nurture your lips. The vanilla adds a yummy flavor and the cocoa butter is not only good to nurture but also smells fabulous. Even people who don't regularly use lip balms end up with one for each purse and pocket. At only $3.75 this all-natural product is a steal that will have you coming back.

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