Rocky, The Champ - living with a cleft palate

Rocky, the Champ!

So here starts the story of Rocky, the Champ, the little black and white goat. He was born the runt, and due to insufficient movement in the womb, was born with club feet, a very small tongue and, as we discovered after a couple of days, a cleft palate. We noticed he couldn’t nurse or really suck, so we tried to feed him the bottle which after several tries he and us managed to successfully do. So far so good. But once we were aware of the cleft palate, our first ever, we were devastated, because all research and info just didn’t give a good prognosis. We bundled him up and with many tears at the farm took him to our fabulous down to earth and always very direct vet to have the little champ checked out and if needed to euthanize if he was suffering. But he came home alive! Club foot = minor deficiency, little tongue = no problem, heart and lungs good, eating, peeing And pooping and an incredible will to live! He needs a chance the vet said, yes, the cleft is large, but let’s give him a couple of months, and maybe the University of Gainesville can do surgery, just don’t breed him! We prayed for a ray of hope and here it was. We are just such suckers for an underdog and he has such a zest for life.

It won’t be easy and it may end in heartache but we consider every day with him a gift and are learning from this little being how to live life to the fullest even with challenges in your path. We will post many updates and hope you will join us in our journey with the little champ! 

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