Rocky, the Champ continued


Our little Rocky, The Champ shrimp is still that, a shrimp. He's growing only at a rate of 1 pd per week, his sister Rain is twice his size already. We've had a couple little bumps, aspiration pneumonia at four weeks, diagnosed early and recovered nicely. Then we had the same symptoms again the last week. A bit listless and loosing his vigorous appetite so he didn't even gain his 1 pd this week. This time we didn't even wait and put him on treatment. He recovered without fever and we added VetRx for his sinuses and Critical Care for his nutrition. Success! He is now eating like a Champ, running and playing with his buds and pooping brown pebbles. If this success stays on course, we will be talking to Gainesville Large Animal Hospital soon for his cleft pallet surgery. The price will be $1,500. We'll figure it out, we will make it work and make it happen. He's such a trooper and such a charmer, he deserves the chance, this little Champ of ours.

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