Where is The Winter Delete Button and Great Farm Fails!

Farm Ideas that turned out .. well, not so well!

We are all done with these colder temps. And it's damp and gray. The cats are not moving from the blankets, Radar is camped out on his own little heating pad and even the goats are staying snuggled inside their pens where the hay is piled high. Where is the sun? With all this staying inside and not moving enough, our collective brains are coming up with ideas and they are not always, let's say, successful. Here are a few examples and the names shall stay confidential to protect the innocent :)

In our last newsletter, I talked about conditioning your skin with our goatmilk lotions (great idea), and it followed that conditioning your hair would be great too. Two fails on this one. The first fail was to deep condition one's hair with coconut oil, not just the tips but all of it mind you, and it took two weeks of washing it repeatedly before the hair was restored to a normal structure. The second fail was an attempt to (why on earth) wash the hair with, of all things, our yogurt. Not only did it take a couple weeks to be able to restore the hair to normal consistency, it also smelled really, really, really bad.

Brain fog due to cold resulted in the following conversation: "Do you need anything from the grocery store? No, thank you, we have a full panty!" (OMG, maybe diapers?)

Other mentionable fails:

Trying to medicate our cow youngster's leg (due to a scratch) and landing in a cow patty.

Hearing noises in the dairy and discovering Scott Pippin, our bachelor rooster, in the dairy, on the counter rearranging clipboards and other items.

Hearing noises in the dairy and discovering 11 goats in the dairy on counters, feed bins and spreading our horses' evening feed as far and wide as they could. Have you ever tried to sweep up beet pulp shreds from a concrete floor?

Spending hours making a traditional german sweet bread only to serve it slightly raw. It was still super delicious though.

Making a white bean stew with 10 year old dried white beans which even after overnight soaking, crockpot on high for 8 hours, boiling for 1 hour and pressure cooking 3 times remained like pebbles. Yes, dried beans can get old and become impossible to cook. Pizza anyone.

Being so excited to find a Lion's Mane, preparing it expertly, and then discovering that one is, indeed, allergic to mushrooms. Only funny because now we can look back at it.

Hoping for a fun movie night with the movie "The Green Knight". That was a week ago. We kept watching because we hoped it would get better. Ever done that? We still don't know what the movie was about.

With Warm Thought and even Warmer Hugs, the Serenity Team hopes you stay warm :), but don't forget here in Florida we start each day with our rain coats, flip flops, turtlenecks, heavy sweaters, sun glasses, long underwear, tank top and suntan lotion.

And if you are interested in our newly established affiliate program to help us sell soaps, send me a message and I'll get you set up so you can earn money for referring customers!!!

Wayne and Julia, Jake, Eleonora, Ash & Summer, Lushano, Madi and Margot

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