Two Brandnew US Citizens! Farm Family and RV Meals! Selling Milkstands and More!

Two Brandnew US Citizens!

We are so excited to announce that we have two brand new US Citizens on the Farm: Eleonora (February 8) and Ash (September 20). They passed the interviews and citizenship test with flying colors after studying hard. We welcome both of them and wish them all the Best in their new homeland. Btw, the answers to the 100 questions on that citizenship test are wonderful to know and really should be part in every person's knowledge! We forget so many of them and so much of our history and the identity of the US is shown through them. We should remember that it is us, the citizens and the people, who are in charge of this country and not the politicians. This is a far as I'm going to go with politics in a farm newsletter :). Welcome Eleonora and Ash!

Farm Family and RV Meals!

I am always exploring yummy meals to feed a farm family (much food at a reasonable cost) and now also yummy recipes to easily prepare for travel in an RV. It has become harder and harder though to budget and a mere visit to the grocery store is enough to start a panic attack with the ever increasing prices. Between all of us we eat everything (some are gluten free, and some don't eat beef, some don't eat pork), and we thought we'd start sharing some of our recipes that we found are keepers. We'll include the links so you can look them up and maybe include in your kitchen! These recipes are super easy, have been taste tested and received many yumms. This first one is for the crockpot, gluten free and vegetarian and we served it over rice! Very filling, yummy and even better as a left over.

This second recipe, also crockpot, is great for potlucks and a wonderful creamy side dish. Easy to make on the go, in the RV, or for hungry farm family. I did add 1/2 cup more water as mentioned in the comments and it was a great dish, yumms from everyone.


Selling a Couple of Milkstands and Maybe a Doe or two!

We have had some inquiries recently about selling our milk stands. We had nine and we can sell up to 5. They are all aluminum and look as good as the day we had them custom made. We are selling them for $250 each. Brand new and stock, they retail for as much as $500 and up. Text me if you are interested and we'll let you know and can send you pics.

I may also sell a couple of our younger does (all are my absolute favorites which is why they are still here), only in pairs as mother -daughter or sisters. Haven't yet completely decided, but if a super great awesome fabulous home opens their doors for them, I might let them go always with the condition of first right of refusal. Again text me if you are interested, and we'll chat.

New Affiliate Program!

And if you are interested in our newly established affiliate program to help us sell our goatmilk soaps and lotions, send me a message and I'll get you set up so you can earn money for referring customers and sales!!! We'd love to welcome you to the team.

And don't forget our Buy 5, Get the 6th Goatmilk Soap for Free and place your order. We are also stocking up on our very popular Pest-Off outdoor spray getting ready for Spring!

Wayne and Julia, Jake, Eleonora, Ash & Summer, Margot, Elisabeth and Karoline (from Denmark)

Goat Wisdom #34!

If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose to be kind and you will always be right! And then there is always the Head Butt!

(Cinnamon, Herd Queen)


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