Spring Cleaning, Spring Growth and Spring Glow - New Product!

Spring Cleaning and Spring Growth!

We are coming out of hibernation with the warmer weather. 50s at night and mid 70s to low 80s during the day and we are suddenly full of energy again and ready to tackle projects outside. All the new green growth on the trees and in the pastures is making the goats giddy and they are spending more time on their hind legs snacking on the new tree leaves than with four legs on the ground. The bucks have almost entirely lost their awful bucky smell and are looking clean again and we can touch them without getting smelly and sticky. Needless to say they are getting tons of cuddles now. We are replanting the goat friendly landscaping (no azaleas, oleander, elephant ears, or milkweed), moving landscape stones, putting seeds and young plants outside, and hauling lots of manure which has set and cooked for at least a year for really awesome growing soil. Dear hubby aka Wayne built new stairs, cleaned off roofs and has raked tons of leaves from around the house which are now sitting in the manure pile. We let them decompose over the winter so they can provide shelter for the bugs and send organic matter back into the soil. Our remaining 20 plus chickens have also started laying eggs again (yay eggs) and we have started at little retirement village in the garden for some of our chickens, Cluckingham Shire. Current residents include Shaquille O'Neal, Scotty Pippin, Oprah, Beyonce and LeeAnn.

April Special Product - Eucalyptus Rosemary Lavender Salt Glow

Spring is the time to get your skin glowing, exfoliated and nourished. For that reason we are offering a very special unique and only for April available Salt Glow - with Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Lavender Essential Oils and feel like you have entered a SPA in your home.

Get yours for this month and feel the essence of spring on your body.

New Affiliate Program!

And if you are interested in our newly established affiliate program to help us sell our goatmilk soaps and lotions, send me a message and I'll get you set up so you can earn money for referring customers and sales!!! We'd love to welcome you to the team.

And don't forget our Buy 5, Get the 6th Goatmilk Soap for Free and place your order. We are also stocking up on our very popular Pest-Off outdoor spray getting ready for Spring!

Wayne and Julia, Jake, Eleonora, Ash & Summer, Margot, Elisabeth and Karoline (from Denmark) and our Gideon

Goat Wisdom #36!

Nature doesn't hurry, yet all things get accomplished! Now hurry and get our breakfast!

(Marzipan and M&M, adapted by Lao Tzu)

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