Celebrate April 23 and Take time to Brag About Our Soap and RV Bloopers !

Happy April 23rd :)

Here are a few of the wonderful things to celebrate today:

World Book Day (I'm reading " Remarkably Bright Creatures" by Shelby Van Pelt, an awesome story about an Octopus"

German Beer Day (ein pilsner bitte)

Lover's Day (give a big hug and have a picnic to also celebrate National Picnic Day - a twofer)

Take a Chance Day (break out of your comfort zone)

National Cherry Cheesecake Day (poor normal cheesecake)

Talk like Shakespeare Day (because he died on April 23, 1616 at the age of 52).

As for us, we are also celebrating the many wonderful comments we have been receiving about our soaps recently:

Holly M: For someone who has suffered with sensitive skin for years (and have tried all name brand, expensive products) this Goat's Milk Soap is the best. Easy to order, arrives quickly.

Susan B: I have rosacea and have found your goat milk soap to be very relieving for my skin. Love it!

Kathy B: I love the texture and scent.

Pam V: Just love these products my skin has never felt more hydrated.

Christopher M: I love Serenity Soaps. The aroma of their products and the cleanliness I feel after using their products has me coming back time and time again. They are my go-to soap supplier.

Especially as we are a small business and every order and review counts for us, we are so happy about your feedback and comments and your support of our business. THANK YOU!! Did you know that most of our soap business is now on-line and through Harvest Host campers who come through our farm; that we ship every order out within 24 hours of the order coming in; and that we refund overpaid shipping if the shipping rate you paid is quite a bit more than the actual postage? And don't forget if you have a good instagram and facebook following and you love our soaps, sign up as a collaborator and you can earn a commission for sales from your friends and followers. So far we have four collaborators LoL.

RV Bloopers - Did I tell you about our coffee pot/Keurig machine which sat on the counter for three trips and then decided one curve later to scoot across the counter and landed on the floor with water everywhere and of course a gazillion glass shards. While Wayne kept driving, I cleaned up water running downhill (the reservoir had been full). The machine couldn't be saved. So we had no coffee the next day (oh no!) because I forgot to pack the percolator for the stove. I know I know you seasoned RVers are rolling your eyes, leave nothing ever on the counter. From now on, our new single serve Keurig will travel in the sink along with the dehumidifyer and the loose counter part over the stove will travel in a drawer under the seat (a HH told me that there loose cover over their sink ejected after hitting a bump on I-95 and hit the table across the way, leaving a big dent). Well, at least we are not alone and I don't feel quite so "challenged" LoL.

Enjoy this wonderful weather. With Love and Hugs, the Serenity Team made up of

Wayne and Julia, Jake, Eleonora, Ash & Summer, Katrina, Caroline and Molly along with cats Captain Hook, Grandma, Shadow, Baby Cat and Jonah

Goat Wisdom #36!

Nature teaches us harmony - unless you are a frog in a chicken coop

(observed by Shaq, senior rooster and his fellow senior hens)

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