Shea Butter - 1oz

If you clicked on our fabulously fractionated Shea butter, youareprobably alreadyfamiliar with and lovethe fabulous moisturizingcharacteristics of SheaButter, which is extracted from Shea nuts. But do you know about the benefits ofShea oil which is actually extracted from Shea butter?
Why does Serenity's Sheabutter contain Shea Oil? Here Are the Good Reasons WHY:

  • Serenity Sheabutter aborbs into your skin more easily: Shea butter has much more stearic acid (43%), which gives it the waxy, solid consistency. Shea oil contains only about 27% stearic acid, so has a softer, more velvety consistency which easily absorbs into the skin.

  • Serenity Sheabutter moisturizes better: Both contain a good amount of Oleic fatty acid, which is very moisturizing and helps in skin regeneration and it is well absorbed into the skin but Shea oil contains about 59% vs 46% in Shea butter.

  • Did you know that Linoleic acid (vitamin F) produces ceramides which assist in keeping skin strong and resilient. It protects the skin and can act as an anti-inflammatory, acne reducer and moisture retainer. Both Shea butter and Shea oil contain similar amounts of linoleic acid.

  • Did you know that Palmitic acid usually acts as an emollient. It can soften the skin and helps it retain moisture by forming a water blocking layer. Both Shea butter and Shea oil contain a similar amount of Palmitic acid.

  • And Last But Not Least: The scent of Shea butter has a slightly nutty aroma whereas Shea Oil has virtually no scent. We also mix an itty bitty amount of Green Tea Fragrance Oil into our Fractionated Shea Butter for a pleasant and fresh scent that nobody can resist.

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