Goat's Milk Soap – Lavender Vanilla


A dark brown soap with a matching warm and cozy scent. The dark brown color is created by the vanilla fragrance oil. Both Lavender and Vanilla are extensively used in Aromatherapy for calming, relaxation and even a restful sleep. And here is a little factoid for the fan, a true goats' milk soap is never white unless it has been colored with titanium oxide. True, all natural Goatmilk soap made with fresh goatmilk takes on a creamy tan color during the soap making process.

Grade A Olive Oil for the softest skin, Coconut Oil to gently clean, Fresh Goat Milk for pure heaven to heal and nourish, Rainforest certified Palm Oil for a rich lather, Sodium Hydroxide, Purified Water; Lavender and Vanilla scented for a double dose of calming and relaxation.

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