Surround - Balance Your Life Step One

Balance Your Life Step 1

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful balmy fabulous super weather as much as we are. The doors and windows wide open, enjoying the breeze and cooler temps, aaaaaahhhh, enjoying life! And right on cue, here is the first part of balancing your life the Serenity Way, starting with a big "S" as in "Surround".

Surround Yourself

You have to connect and surround yourself with others like you for mutual support!! Yes, and in some areas of life that can be harder than in others. But you need to find these people and surround yourself with them and build your tribe. In life, both personal and business, you have to surround yourself with others who will inspire you, who will give you advice, who will help, who will have a glass of wine with you, and who will listen. Your ideas, strength, willpower and passion will only take you so far if you are alone. Your tribe can be the neighbors who come in the middle of the night to help with a difficult kidding, interns who also want to change the world, and they can be your customers who support your passion and your mission. They can be many or they can be one. They can be your husband, your grandmother, your friends and your peers. But they will be the people who help you keep the balls in the air, because there are always too many balls in the air for just one person. And not only surround yourself with those people, be one of those people to them!! I have many people in my tribe, slowly built over the years, and they include Wayne, all my interns and farm family, girlfriends, grandmother, and a few very important off-farm people who definitely think I'm crazy for what I'm doing, but support it nevertheless, even though they will not go out to dinner with me unless I promise not to talk about placenta or size of buck attributes or various types of goat poo during dinner. I couldn't do it without them, and they give me the "S", support to do it. Give it a try! Life is good!

Balancing Life - Wayne and Almondine

Love and Hugs
Julia and Wayne

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