Plain Ole Soap is the Best - But We Already knew That!

Hi Friends!

Plain Ole Soap is the BEST! You will have heard it A LOT by now: that you need to wash your hands all the time. As a precaution for getting sick and, of course, we wholeheartedly agree for obvious reasons. We always explain that the lather of the soaps traps the dirt and other stuff on your skin. When you rinse the lather off your hands, you rinse everything that it has trapped away with it. That's also why bar soap is usually more sanitary than your liquid soap dispensers. Why? Because everything rinses away with the lather and water when you wet the soap. Whereas the top dispenser of your liquid bottle collects all the germs from the hands that touch it before washing. Yikes. Anyway, we came across the article below which explains this a whole lot better than we can, so we are sharing it with you:

We have really been blessed with many of our volunteers that have stayed with us over the last 10 years and the current crew is no exception. We have been really fortunate to have several of them who have become very good friends come and stay with us again: Brock came back to us after 10 years and stayed for a few months before moving on to Ashville this week, Adier is visiting us for two weeks, Eric came back and Sophia is coming back soon. Amber and Tom are still visiting once a month. We love to see them all and are sad when they leave. To all of our volunteers near and far: you always have a home here And thank you for all the blessings you are bringing to us!

We hope to see you all happy and healthy at the market next Saturday (March 14), the weather promises to be fabulous, and we might even bring a soap and water so you can wash your hands :). We can probably find a bar somewhere LoL.

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