Naked or Nekkid?

So! Do you know the difference between Naked and Nekkid? According to former Senator Alan Simpson from Wyoming, it's simple. “If you’re naked, you don’t have any clothes on, but if you’re nekkid you don’t have any clothes on but you’re up to something.”  It makes perfect sense to us. And since the goats are always up to something, they have agreed that in response to the many many many requests, we will now be offering on our website "nekkid" soaps. Yep. We know you love our soaps as is evidenced by our many repeat customers. And we also know that you think our packaging is wayyyyy to cool to throw out. You have requested regular soaps where you can choose the scents but without the packaging. So, if you just want to buy soaps for yourself, and you don't want the packaging, you can now buy the Nekkid soaps on-line. You can pick any scent and quantity, and for a limited time you will save close to 20% per bar of soap compared to packaged soaps. Packaged soaps are still the better choice for gifts and to keep the soaps protected and the scents longer lasting. Plus, if you put them in your closet, you don't get soap on everything if you keep them in the package. But either way, the choice is yours and we are happy to serve. Farmer's Markets customers will still have the choice of packaged soaps and Grab'n Go's. Due to space limitations, we won't be carrying the "Nekkid" soaps anywhere but on-line. You all spoke and The Goats listened.

We are also working on another little soap project, again a customer requested this at a recent demo in Ormond Beach. We thought the suggestion to be a great idea and we made the soap. In 4 weeks we will need some volunteers to try out the new soaps and give us feed back. I wish it wouldn't take 4 weeks, but we will cure even our test soaps for the minimum of 4 weeks to ensure quality bars that last.

Hope you are having a great Summer!

Julia & The Goats

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