Let's make a difference ! Here is How!

Let's Make a Difference! You all know me and how I'm always thinking about a way to live better and healthier with cleaner products, simpler ingredients and small improvements in daily life. For example I've always brought my own reusable bags to the grocery store and I always have a little bag in my purse for those often, and I admit it, unplanned, purchases, like my wine glass yoga pants and golden sheep tank top from Luxus Activewear in Valdosta. They were on sale for $10 each and I just could not resist LoL. Now I want to give you all a nudge to do the same. No, not buy yoga pants, but think about little ways to make a difference.

Here it goes:  in 2019 we will charge 10 cents for each plastic bag you get from us and at the end of 2019, we will donate all those proceeds to the Plastic Ocean Project. And.... as a thank you for bringing your own bag, we will in turn give you a credit of 10 cents towards your purchase (unless you want to donate those 10 cents towards the Plastic Ocean Project :}.

And to make it simple, we are in the process of getting quotes for Serenity Goats grocery toats :) which you could purchase from us for a very small sum and then feel really good about making a difference!
So what do you say: let's make a difference together! While each of us might only make a small difference, all of us together will make a huge difference.

And by the way, our Christmas Spice is on sale while the supply lasts  https://www.serenitygoats.com/shop/goats-milk-soap/goats-milk-soap-christmas-spice/

Big Hugs and wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous New Year with lots of success, health and happiness and many hugs.

Julia & The Goats


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