Do Germs live on Bar Soap?

I recently came across an interesting statistic, it said that many people are concerned about germs living on bar soap and possibly getting sick from that, so they avoid bars of soap and buy liquid soap. I set out to do some research into that concern and came up with some surprising answers:  1. yes, germs can live on a bar soap, but they don't actually live in the soap, they can live in the water film on top of the soap. So, what is the first thing you do when picking up a bar of soap - you rinse it in water to lather and then wash your hands with it. By rinsing the soap in water, all the germs that could have been on the soap are rinsed away. And to make sure that germs don't even get on top of your soap, just keep the soap out of the water in a little soap dish and let it dry (hint: that makes your soap last longer too). 2. It is not likely that you get sick from germs on a bar of soap, because the germs are rinsed off in the water. 3. Liquid soap dispensers are actually much worse, because the pumping mechanism which you have to push with your fingers (before they are washed), are teeming with germs and bacteria and are very seldom ever washed or cleaned, especially in public restrooms. And honestly, when is the last time you sanitized your liquid dispenser at home? Be healthy and switch to bar soap. Especially Goatmilk Soap. It's good for you :)

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