Say Hello to Your 57% - You are more of a Bacteria than Human :)

We hope to see you all next Saturday at the Farmers Market on Timberlane Road. As you know, the remodeling has begun at Timberlane.  It seems likely that we may have to leave the area sooner than expected. At this point we are expecting that the last market there will be at or around August 31st. There are two locations not too far away which are a distinct possibility for a new location until the City completes construction of the new park. We will let you know as soon as we have more information but rest assured, market will go on and we hope you will visit us as much at the new location.

We had a great trip down to Port Orange and Ormond Beach with our new soap mobile to do demos at LoveWholeFoods and Lucky's, we met many great customers and staff and got to spend the night at the beach, right on the ocean. What a special treat for this farmgirl who is 2 hours from the beach on a good day.

I've come across an article that I wanted to share with you. One deals with our microbiome, our gut bacteria and the effect they have on our body. Of course, we know that already, right? But here are a couple of fun facts and the link to the article by BBC News:

  • You are more microbe than human - if you count all the cells in your body, only 43% are human.

  • The rest is our microbiome and includes bacteria, viruses, fungi and single-celled archaea

So let's keep the 57% of our bacteria happy and minimize the icky stuff we put in or on our bodies so that the 43% human percent and brain stay healthy.

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