Apple Cider Vinegar on The Farm

So Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is one of the more widely used products on the farm. Why? Here are the reasons:
1. we put a splash in all the animals waterers to reduce algae growth and bacteria growth (due to it containing acetic acid as well as lactic acid, succinic acid and even citric acid).
2. we use it as conditioner by mixing 1/4 cup of ACV with water and using it as a rinse after washing your hair, leaving it shiny and easy to comb. The smell goes away as the hair dries. We tried mixing a few drops of essential oil into the mixture, but none of them ended up smelling good in combination with the ACV so we are leaving those out now.
3. we use it as a week killer by mixing half water and half ACV in a spray bottle and spraying the weeds, which turn brown and wilt. Works great.
4. we drink half an oz with heartburn. I drink it straight ( I rather like the sour taste) but many people dilute it with water.
5. we use it in the washing machine to whiten the laundry and keep it smelling fresh.
6. we use it to clean our floors by mixing it with water and a dab of soap.
7. we use it to clean our windows and shower glass by mixing it with water. Takes care of the soap scum and dirty windows. A trick I learned from my mom is wiping down the windows and glass with newspaper. Guaranteed to leave no streaks.
8. we use it in our fly spray for the horses. Just mix 1/2 vinegar and water, add a capful of almond oil or avocado oil and 15 drops of citronella oil. Works like a charm.
9. we use it to make ricotta out of milk for our lasagnas. It takes a lot of milk to make a little bit of ricotta though, so we just make it for home use.

The list of uses goes on and on. We did find out though that it can be overdone especially giving it or taking it internally: in little doses ACV helps with the absorption of minerals, but giving too much decreases the absorption of zinc, which is a vital mineral for the goats, especially for our stinky boys, for hair and hoof growth.

As in anything, moderation is the key and before you believe any medical claims, do your research and maybe ask your vet or doctor. Did you notice I mentioned the vet first LoL.

Have a Great Day.
Julia And The Goats

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