You have 5 Million of these and why is that important?

"As an adult, you can absorb up to 60 percent of what you apply to your skin. With kids, it’s much higher. The absorption rate of children’s skin tends to be 40 to 50 percent higher than adults! And once a substance passes through any of the 5 million pores on your skin (20,000 on your face alone), it can enter your lymph and bloodstream and travel to your organs. If it’s a healthy substance, that can be a good thing. But for the more than 80,000 chemicals permitted in the U.S. that have never been fully studied for their potentially toxic effects on human health and the environment, this is bad news."

This is a quote from a Dr. Mercola article a few days ago, he goes on to talk about organic bedsheets, but boy did that hit home with me and it explains why I do what I do and the soap box I always stand on :). My mom passed away at 85 from breast and bone cancer caused by hormon treatments starting in her 50s and decades of toxins put into and onto her body. My dad passed away at 85 from kidney cancer. Same thing.  But then both my grandmothers and the great aunt lived to a healthy, ripe old age of 95 and 96 respectively, active and crochety until the end. Toxins didn't enter their lives back then to the extent they do now.

The examples are endless, but just to name a few: processed foods (boxed Mac & Cheese with parabens and phtalates?), chemical dye and bleach for our hair not even an inch from our brain, chemicals in the sheets, in the clothes we wear and don't get me started on the cleaning products. Ok, I admit, I'm not perfect, but as I learn more and become more aware, I'm switching more and more products to all natural, the latest being mascara, there are some awesome all natural ones out there because, really, chemicals not even an inch from my eyeball? Forget it. I want to terrorize the family as a healthy, active, and crochety 96 year old with hair down to my waist, flowing dresses and the umbrella (or broom) over my head. Join me in this journey and mission!! 

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