Happy July 1! Happy Summer! Thank You June! We miss Apollo - RIP!

RIP Apollo - You were the Best Guardian, Friend and Protector!

Steaming into the Second Half of the Year!

Happy Monday and also July 1, as we steam into the second half of the year. June brought us birthdays, including Wayne's on June 27, a wonderful massage which we bought for our anniversary 2 years ago and finally scheduled, a great girl's trip to Aunt Bonnie in Port St. Lucie, and Sunny joined our little farm family with her cat Micasa. June also saw our dear friend Eleonora leave our little farm after being here for a year. Our paths will cross again though, I am sure. On June 24 then we also lost one of our four remaining guardian dogs, Apollo. He was the favorite of many people who lived and visited on the farm. He was 11 1/2, ancient for a guardian dog, and seemed to have suffered an incident to his spinal nerve connection due to which he lost complete use of his hind end. We didn't want to give up and tried a doggie wheelchair, with its own unique challenges. In the end being a guardian dog without sprinting legs and not being able to do his job, took a toll and he passed away to join his Dad Big John, his Mom Athena, Aunt Annabelle and brother Little Big John. He's now free to sprint and run again and we will meet him again with all the others who went before us on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Farming and living with animals is not for sissies, that's for sure! More pictures of Apollo through the ages are at the end of the newsletter and we hope you enjoy!

We also hope that you will enjoy our next project! We missed the Christmas Spice Goatmilk Soap last year, and so we decided we will make it this week, for Christmas in July! We will make two batches of it for a total of about 280 bars. It will be available for sale beginning of August (as you know our soaps need to cure for 4 weeks). We are so excited and hope you will be too, and Wayne can finally use the last four he hoarded under the bathroom sink because there will be more LoL.

Where are my Harvest Host Campers? I guess most of you are up north in the cooler weather and I don't blame you at all. At least we are back down into the low nineties and we have been getting short little showers, but our grass is brown and crunchy. Even the deer are coming way up the pastures closer to the house to find more yummies to eat. And our Sycamore Trees are already tossing leaves to be more efficient.

Can anyone use a beautiful king size headboard and bed frame? We are not using it and we are certainly not moving with it again! It's been in storage since we moved up here. That is a sign. No charge, you just have to pick it up!


With Love and Hugs, the Serenity Team made up of

Wayne and Julia, Jake, Ash & Summer, Molly and Sunny, along with cats Grandma Cat, Micasa, Shadow, Baby Cat and Jonah. Also Lilli, Radar, Adele, Tiggr, and Dora.

Goat Wisdom #39!

The Key to Victory is a Blend of Strategy and a Dash of Daring!

(Mazzie, right before she unlocks the gate at midnight and lets all her fellow goats escape)

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