Ceramic Soap Dish - Soap Keeper

Meet our super attractive ceramic soap dish designed and produced by our local Valhalla Pottery! Designed to keep your goatmilk soap at its best out of the water, to keep them from sticking to surfaces or each other (if you have five of them in the shower like we do) and to keep them from sliding down to the floor!

Our goatmilk soaps do last a long time because we cure them for ages before packaging and selling. These super cool soap dishes will help you keep your soaps around even longer (wait, shouldn't we go the other way to sell more soaps?)

We have them in six different colors ranging from black, white, green, turquoise, tan/beigy/caramel, and blue. The colors vary with every batch so add your color preference in the notes and we will match you up with the best color. Some of the colors are shown in the pictures.

As always, feel free to call or email if you have a question! We will get right back to you :)

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